Hysteroscopy Cost in India


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    In order to assess and treat uterine disorders, hysteroscopy, a minimally invasive gynecologic technique, is an essential diagnostic and therapeutic tool. Medical experts enter the uterus through the vagina and cervix using a hysteroscope, a thin tool with a camera. The process enables precise diagnosis and therapy by offering thorough insights into abnormalities, including polyps, fibroids, and odd bleeding patterns.

    For reproductive health issues, Bloom IVF offers the most affordable hysteroscopy cost in India, as well as compassionate care and thorough remedies. At Bloom IVF, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch reproductive healthcare with a patient-centred approach. Our modern hysteroscopy services are provided by our committed team of skilled medical experts, which includes the best gynaecologist in Mumbai. On your path to achieving optimal reproductive health, Bloom IVF stands as a beacon of excellence with a personalized approach, open pricing, and a dedication to your well-being.

    Why Hysteroscopy?

    A hysteroscopy may be done as part of the IVF process at Bloom IVF to examine the uterus for any anomalies that might prevent an embryo from successfully implanting. This process aids in the detection of problems such as adhesions, fibroids, polyps, or anomalies in the lining of the uterus. Hysteroscopy increases the likelihood of a successful IVF operation and successful embryo implantation by addressing these issues. Bloom IVF is a well-reputed and excellent center for IVF care. Their team is committed to providing outstanding hysteroscopy services, fusing knowledge, affordable hysteroscopy IVF cost, and compassionate treatment for the best results. A crucial diagnostic and therapeutic technique for examining and treating problems inside the uterus is hysteroscopy. With this minimally invasive procedure, physicians may thoroughly examine the uterus to check for fibroids, irregular bleeding, polyps, and recurrent miscarriages. Because it uses a thin device that is introduced into the uterus through the vagina, it is more precise than standard surgery and causes less pain and faster recovery. With its cutting-edge facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, Bloom IVF offers streamlined hysteroscopy treatments that guarantee patient comfort and accuracy. For women who are having uterine difficulties or fertility concerns, hysteroscopy helps doctors detect abnormalities precisely, enabling focused therapies and enhanced reproductive health. Reputable medical professionals with hysteroscopy experience work at Bloom IVF, guaranteeing accurate diagnosis, customized care, and the lowest possible hysteroscopy IVF cost.

    Hysteroscopy Cost in India

    Pre-operative assessments, the operation itself, post-operative follow-up consultations, anesthesia, and recommended drugs are all included in the price of hysteroscopy in India. When assessing the overall hysteroscopy cost in India, it’s important to take into account the intricacy of the process, whether it’s a diagnostic or surgical hysteroscopy, and the specialized equipment used. Hysteroscopy cost in India during IVF therapy varies in India based on a number of unique circumstances. Depending on whether a hysteroscopy is being performed for a diagnosis or an operation, the cost might change. Operative hysteroscopy is utilized to treat uterine anomalies and diseases, whereas diagnostic hysteroscopy is utilized to identify them. The projected cost is displayed in the table below.

    Type Of HysteroscopyHysteroscopy IVF cost In India (INR)
    Diagnostic hysteroscopy10,000 – 25,000
    Operative hysteroscopy20,000 – 50,000

    Hysteroscopy IVF cost may also be influenced by Pre-operative testing, anesthesia, the doctor’s charge, and prescription drugs. The position, standing, and particular demands of the patient may also have an impact on the total cost. To have a better understanding of the costs associated with the hysteroscopy process for IVF, it is imperative that you review the comprehensive hysteroscopy IVF cost structure with the experts at Bloom IVF, the trusted name for fertility treatments in India.

    Cost-effective Hysteroscopy at Bloom IVF

    All people may obtain high-quality healthcare thanks to Bloom IVF. We provide the lowest hysteroscopy costs in India without sacrificing the standard of service. Pre-operative assessments, the operation, follow-up visits, anaesthesia, and recommended drugs are all included in our straightforward pricing. Our emphasis on individualised treatment plans guarantees that you receive the best care at a cost that meets your circumstances, whether you require diagnostic or surgical hysteroscopy. Every person should have access to the best reproductive healthcare, and we at Bloom IVF are committed to making that care affordable because we care about you.

    ProcessCost Range (In Rs)
    Consultation Fee300 to 1,000/-
    Diagnostic Test500 to 2,000/-
    Clinic Charges5,000 to 20,000/-
    Surgeon’s Charges5,000 to 25,000/-
    Anaesthesia Charges2,000 to 8, 000/-
    Medicines500 to 2,000/-
    Post Operative Care500 to 2,000/-

    Factors Affecting Hysteroscopy Cost in India

    A multitude of factors contribute to the overall cost of hysteroscopy in India:

    • Procedure Type: The cost of hysteroscopy in India depends on its purpose, whether it is diagnostic or surgical.
    • Clinic Reputation: Prestigious clinics with a track record of positive outcomes and skilled medical staff could charge a little more.
    • Medical Knowledge: The cost is influenced by the gynaecologist’s skills and expertise as well as those of the supporting staff.
    • Cutting-edge Facilities: The hysteroscopy cost in India may be impacted by the availability of cutting-edge hysteroscopic equipment and cutting-edge infrastructure.
    • Location: Geographical differences within India may affect the price of hysteroscopy.
    • Extra Services: Prices could apply for anaesthesia, medicines, and procedure-specific specialised services.

    What Is The Procedure For Hysteroscopy?

    Bloom IVF offers hysteroscopy, a minimally invasive technique, at the lowest hysteroscopy IVF cost in India. A thin, illuminated tube termed a hysteroscope is inserted by the doctor via the vagina inside the uterus during this procedure. The uterus is visible on a screen thanks to a camera built within the hysteroscope. Patients at Bloom IVF receive all-inclusive treatment that combines the most recent developments in hysteroscopy medicine with individualized attention and supportive care and economical hysteroscopy IVF cost. With a thin device known as a hysteroscope, a delicate and comprehensive inspection of the uterus is performed during a hysteroscopy. The hysteroscope, which allows the doctor to see into the uterus, is gently placed via the cervix and vagina during the surgery. Once inside, the doctor may closely examine the uterine lining thanks to a small camera linked to the hysteroscope that feeds pictures to a display. Small tools can be used to provide treatments or collect samples through the hysteroscope if needed. With this less intrusive method, accurate diagnosis is guaranteed, and, where necessary, customized therapies that are generally associated with little discomfort and a quick recovery time are made possible. Bloom IVF provides access to the best diagnostic and therapeutic treatments by providing the most affordable hysteroscopy IVF cost without sacrificing care quality or experience.

    Do’s & Dont’s of hysteroscopy


    • Tell your doctor about all of your allergies, prescriptions, and medical history.
    • Observe all pre-procedure instructions given by your doctors at Bloom IVF, including fasting.
    • After the treatment, take precautions and rest for a day or two.
    • If you suffer from severe discomfort, a fever, or significant bleeding, let your doctor know.
    • Follow any advice experts at Bloom IVF may have given you after the surgery.
    • Comply with your physician’s instructions about fasting or taking medicine before to the surgery.
    • Inform your doctor in advance of any sensitivities or medical issues.
    • Make arrangements for a companion, as the process may entail sedation, necessitating help afterward.


    • Refrain from having sex for some days following the operation.
    • After hysteroscopy, do not use tampons for a predetermined amount of time.
    • Avoid engaging in physically demanding tasks right after the treatment.
    • After the surgery, don’t overlook any strange or severe side effects; notify your doctors at Bloom IVF right away.
    • Unless otherwise directed, refrain from eating or drinking anything several hours prior to the planned hysteroscopy.
    • After the operation, avoid strenuous activity or heavy lifting for a few days.
    • If the drugs were not recommended for the surgery, do not take any without first talking to your doctor. 

    Why Choose Bloom IVF?

    We will give our complete attention to your comfort and care if you choose our facility for your reproductive surgery. At Bloom IVF, we take great pleasure in being able to provide the highest calibre of patient care in reproductive surgery. Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, a fertility expert at Bloom IVF, has extensive training in cutting-edge surgical infertility therapy and diagnostics and can provide you with quality care with a high pregnancy success rate. There are several benefits to using Bloom IVF for your hysteroscopy requirements, including:

    • Skill: Our skilled staff, under the direction of the top gynaecologist in Mumbai, has extensive knowledge of hysteroscopy treatments.
    • Patient-centred Focus: Your health is our first priority. Right away, we make sure you have a clear picture of how much a hysterectomy will cost in India.
    • Transparent Pricing: We place a high value on transparency. We provide comprehensive breakdowns of hysteroscopy cost in Mumbai throughout your consultation.
    • Cutting-Edge Technology: Bloom IVF has cutting-edge hysteroscopic equipment, ensuring first-rate care.
    • Holistic Care: We offer comprehensive services, such as pre-operative evaluations and follow-up consultations.
    • Personalised Plans: We tailor our strategy to your particular demands in order to achieve the best results.
    • Safety and Effectiveness: The diagnosis and treatment of uterine problems may be done safely and successfully with hysteroscopy.
    • Cost-Effective: We are committed to reducing the cost of hysteroscopy in India and providing exceptional value for your money.

    Bloom IVF is aware of the importance of path towards reproductive wellness. Your care will be unmatched because of our dedication to quality and patient-centeredness. Our knowledgeable team is available to help and assist you, whether you need a diagnostic or surgical hysteroscopy. With Bloom IVF, set off on a road to improved reproductive health and encounter the peak of medical treatment.


    1. What is the normal hysteroscopy IVF cost in India?

    The surgery expenses, medical consultation fees, and standard diagnostic testing are often included in the hysteroscopy IVF cost. Certain drugs or treatments may incur additional costs. 

    2. Does hysteroscopy cause pain?

    Most of the time, hysteroscopy is painless. Anesthesia or sedation helps minimize discomfort, while patients may face some moderate cramping or discomfort.

    3. What is the duration of a hysteroscopy procedure?

    Though it differs it usually lasts between fifteen and thirty minutes. If therapies or other procedures are carried out while having a hysteroscopy, it may take longer.