IMSI Treatment in Mumbai

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    The advanced procedure known as IMSI, or Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection, is used in assisted reproductive technology (ART) to increase the likelihood of a fertilized egg during in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. As part of its extensive menu of fertility services, Bloom IVF, a well-known fertility clinic in Mumbai, provides IMSI treatment. 


    IMSI entails utilizing high-magnification microscopy to choose the best sperm for injection into the egg. IMSI enables a more thorough study of sperm morphology (form and structure) at a considerably greater magnification than traditional IVF, which uses ordinary microscopy. This makes it possible for embryologists to recognize and choose sperm with the best morphology and have a higher chance of successfully fertilizing an egg.

    Dr. Nandita and Dr. Rhohan Palshetkar, a world-class team at Bloom IVF Mumbai, thoroughly understands male factor infertility and the significance of sperm quality in fertility outcomes. They keep up with the most recent developments in reproductive technology, such as IMSI, and incorporate them into their procedures.

    IMSI Procedure At Bloom IVF

    Only the best sperm are chosen for injection during the IMSI treatment at Bloom IVF in Mumbai, thanks to the meticulous attention to detail and dedication to perfection. 

    The IMSI treatment process at Bloom IVF begins with a thorough assessment of both couples to determine the best fertility treatment strategy. The male spouse will have a semen study to evaluate the quality and morphology of the sperm if IMSI is advised. After that, the sperm samples will be processed for IMSI utilizing a unique process.

    The embryologist uses high-magnification microscopy to examine the sperm samples during IMSI, often at 6,000 to 12,000 times magnification. The embryologist can recognize sperm with normal morphology thanks to the exquisite visualization of the sperm head, neck, and tail made possible by this level of magnification. The retrieved eggs are then used to inject the chosen sperm using a micromanipulation technique.

    Advantages Of IMSI At Bloom IVF

    IMSI at Bloom IVF Mumbai has several benefits.

    • IMSI at Bloom IVF can boost the likelihood of embryo development and increase fertilization rates by choosing sperm with the best morphology. This is especially helpful for male factor infertility couples because it may affect the morphology and quality of sperm. 
    • The likelihood of successful fertilization and embryo development can be increased, and sperm-related IMSI can solve reproductive problems.
    • IMSI at Bloom IVF can also lessen the possibility of choosing damaged or defective sperm for injection, which can result in chromosomal abnormalities and implantation failure. 
    • Higher accuracy and precision in sperm selection are made possible by the high-magnification microscopy employed in IMSI at Bloom IVF, which improves treatment outcomes overall.

    Successful IMSI Treatment At Bloom IVF

    Bloom IVF uses pregnancy and live birth ratesto assess the effectiveness of IMSI treatment. In order to continuously improve its procedures and maximize success rates, the clinic keeps thorough records and periodically examines and analyses treatment outcomes.

    Highly acclaimed fertility doctors Dr. Nandita Palshetkar and Dr. Rohan Palshetkar are the main proponents of Bloom IVF’s effectiveness in providing IMSI treatments. Dr. Palshetkar has earned a reputation as the foremost reproductive medicine expert because of their considerable training and experience. Their commitment, expertise, and patient-centered philosophy make Bloom IVF’s best doctors for IMSI procedures.

    Bloom IVF is also proud of its cutting-edge lab facilities and cutting-edge technologies. They have a group of qualified IMSI practitioners on staff, including expert embryologists and fertility specialists. The clinic adheres to strict quality control procedures to guarantee the highest standards of care and safety during the whole treatment process.

    Couples with male factor infertility or other sperm-related problems can increase their chances of successful fertilization and pregnancy by undergoing IMSI treatment at Bloom IVF. With an emphasis on state-of-the-art technology, qualified professionals, and individualized care, Bloom IVF works to deliver the greatest results for its patients undergoing IMSI treatment.