Egg Donation

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    Women who are unable to use their own eggs to conceive a child can use egg donation as a fertility treatment method. We use eggs donated by an egg donor when doing egg donation. The woman who gets the fertilized eggs (embryos) is referred to as the recipient, whereas the woman who donates her eggs is referred to as the donor. Using donor eggs, many women can get pregnant and give birth to healthy children.

    Bloom IVF Clinics offer access to donor eggs and IVF therapy using donor eggs. For the maximum improvement in your chances of becoming pregnant, our clinics are equipped to provide exceptional standards of care.

    Patients at Bloom IVF will have access to a professional team of IVF pioneers Dr. Nandita Palshetkar & Dr. Rohan Palshetkar, and support staff that have years of experience specializing in treatment using donor eggs, in addition to the knowledge and top-notch lab facilities.

    Selection Of Donor Eggs At Bloom IVF

    Bloom IVF uses a thorough screening procedure to choose only healthy and highly qualified egg donors. This guarantees the best possible quality and success rates.

    Bloom IVF, the premier IVF clinic, has access to various donor eggs. Unless you already have a donor in mind, we will assist you in beginning the egg donation procedure. You’ll start by looking at egg donor profiles to decide which donor would be the best “fit” for you and your family.

    The data can include your age, ethnicity, height, weight, eye color, and hair color. Education, interests, family history, and motivations for becoming an egg donor are all mentioned. There is no need to fly abroad to receive your donor egg treatment because there are no waiting periods, and extra eggs are kept in storage.

    Highest Level Of Expertise In Egg Donation At Bloom IVF

    The use of cutting-edge reproductive technologies and cutting-edge lab facilities by Bloom IVF ensures the highest levels of care and success rates. In contrast to methods employed in a traditional fertility clinic, which focuses on patients’ eggs, Bloom IVF uses tools specifically created to extract and store donor eggs.

    Bloom IVF has demonstrated competence in managing all ovarian stimulation, egg retrievals, and egg freezing thanks to its laboratory systems and knowledgeable staff. Only eggs from donors of the greatest caliber are produced thanks to our tried-and-true processes developed over years of managing donor cycles.

    Dedicated Experts & Personalized Care At Bloom IVF

    The team at Bloom IVF, which includes top embryologists and skilled fertility specialists Dr. Nandita Palshetkar & Dr. Rohan Palshetkar, is India’s leading IVF and fertility treatment facility and solely uses donor eggs. As a result, they can provide a smaller-scale, more individualized treatment plan for your IVF procedure. You can easily identify the ideal donor with the help of our committed treatment coordinators and access to our donor database.

    Treatment Using Egg Donation

    • If you are using fresh eggs from a kind donor or someone you know, the therapy entails synchronizing the cycles of both the recipient and the donor. This is accomplished by using well-planned pharmaceutical schedules.
    • The spouse of the egg recipient is asked to provide a sample of semen on the day the donor’s eggs are retrieved so that the eggs can be fertilized to create embryos. The embryos are typically prepared for transfer 3–6 days after being collected.
    • The embryo(s) are inserted into the womb vaginally on the day of the embryo transfer using a tiny catheter (tube) and ultrasound guidance.

    The greatest option for people looking for a successful donor egg IVF process is generally acknowledged to be Bloom IVF due to its dedication to excellence, individualized care, skilled staff, and cutting-edge technology.