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    Polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, is a prevalent hormonal condition. Acne, abnormal menstrual periods, abnormal growth of hair, and infertility are the outcomes. Whether you wish to bear a child in the future determines the course of your PCOS treatment. In addition to having high blood pressure, those with PCOS might be more susceptible to diabetes. Get personalized PCOS treatment at Bloom IVF Centre. Modern reproductive procedures are used by our professionals and experts to improve your chances of getting pregnant. Our dedicated team at Bloom IVF Centre in Mumbai uses cutting-edge technology and years of expertise to provide PCOS patients with the best outcomes available.

    PCOS Symptoms

    Among the signs of PCOS are:

    • Missing, erratic, or exceptionally brief periods
    • Big ovaries or ovaries with many cysts
    • Overgrowth of body hair on the back, stomach, and chest (hirsutism)
    • Gaining weight, particularly in the belly area
    • Greasy skin or acne
    • Baldness with a male pattern or hair thinning
    • Unable to conceive
    • Skin tags are little bits of extra skin that protrude from the armpits or neck.
    • Areas of thick or dark skin behind the breasts, in the underarms, and on the rear of the neck

    Causes of PCOS

    We don’t know the precise aetiology of PCOS. There is proof that heredity matters. In addition to this, obesity is the most significant factor that contributes to PCOS.

    • Greater concentrations of androgens, or male hormones: The ovaries are unable to release eggs due to high testosterone levels, which results in inconsistent periods. Small, fluid-filled sacs may also form on the ovaries as a result of irregular ovulation. For women and people with AFAB, high testosterone also results in acne and excessive hair growth.
    • Insulin resistance: The ovaries produce and release androgens, which are masculine hormones, in response to a spike in insulin levels. Increased male hormones inhibit ovulation and exacerbate other signs of PCOS. Insulin facilitates the body’s utilization of glucose, or sugar, as fuel. The body doesn’t digest insulin properly if you have insulin resistance, which raises your blood sugar levels. Insulin resistance can also be exacerbated by obesity or excess weight. Regardless of whether the blood sugar level is normal, a high insulin level may be a sign of insulin resistance.

    Significance Of Prompt Treatment of PCOS At Bloom IVF

    In order to effectively control PCOS and avoid any consequences, early treatment is essential at Bloom IVF. Early intervention boosts fertility, returns regular menstrual cycles, and controls hormonal imbalances.

    Effective PCOS treatment can reduce symptoms, including acne, uncontrollable hair growth, and weight gain, enhancing the quality of life for those with the condition.

    By promptly addressing PCOS, the risk of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and endometrial cancer can be reduced. The general well-being and reproductive health of people with PCOS can be considerably improved by seeking prompt medical attention and following a thorough treatment plan at Bloom IVF.

    The best PCOS treatment is offered by specialists Drs. Nandita Palshetkar and Rohan Palshetkar at Bloom IVF by using cutting-edge methods to give each patient individualized care. For those looking for efficient PCOS treatment, their caring demeanor and remarkable expertise make them trusted specialists.

    PCOS Diagnosis

    Your doctor may typically diagnose PCOS after doing an examination and talking to you about your symptoms. To aid with this they could run an ultrasound or prescribe blood tests.

    Your physician will:

    • Discuss your medical background and symptoms with you.
    • Inquire about the medical background of your biological family.
    • Measure your blood pressure and weight.
    • Conduct a physical examination, paying particular attention to skin tags, discolored skin, acne, hair loss, and excessive facial hair.
    • A pelvic exam might be conducted to check for further reasons for irregular bleeding.
    • Get blood tests done to measure sugar and hormone levels.
    • Measure the thickness of the uterine lining to examine your ovaries
    • A pelvic ultrasound may be performed to search for further reasons for your abnormal bleeding.

    PCOS Treatment At Bloom IVF

    The PCOS treatment at Bloom IVF starts with carefully analyzing the patient’s health history, symptoms, and hormone profile. At Bloom IVF, skilled fertility doctors create individualized treatment programs that are catered to each patient’s unique needs. Drs. Nandita Palshetkar and Rohan Palshetkar have successfully treated a large number of patients with PCOS, assisting them in achieving hormonal balance, controlling menstrual cycles, and enhancing fertility.

    The following are the PCOS treatments available at Bloom IVF:

    • Modifications to Your Lifestyle: Bloom IVF stresses the value of leading a healthy lifestyle, which includes frequent exercise, a balanced diet, and weight control. These lifestyle changes can enhance overall reproductive health by regulating hormones.
    • Medication: To control menstrual cycles, trigger ovulation, and balance hormones, Bloom IVF recommends medication. These drugs can improve fertility while managing symptoms.
    • Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART): Bloom IVF offers a variety of ART techniques, such as ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination (IUI), and in vitro fertilization (IVF), in situations when fertility is an issue. By maximizing ovulation and fertilization, these methods can help women get pregnant.
    • Ovarian Drilling: We advise ovarian drilling, a surgical treatment that can help restore regular ovulation and hormone balance, for people who do not react to medicine or have severe symptoms.

    PCOS Treatment Cost in Mumbai

    Changing one’s lifestyle is typically the first step in PCOS therapy. However, each woman’s course of therapy is unique based on the seriousness of her problem, which also determines your total cost for PCOS treatment. Additionally, since female infertility and PCOS are closely linked, the course of therapy will also depend on your desire to become pregnant. Women typically require a mix of several therapies to achieve their ultimate goals.

    To treat the symptoms, the doctor often suggests a few drugs. If the medicine is ineffective, the physician may suggest surgery, such as laparoscopic ovarian drilling. In India, surgical therapy for PCOS typically costs between INR 35,000 and INR 50,000.

    The Bloom IVF Centre excels at treating PCOS entirely and adjusting therapy to address the unique challenges brought on by polycystic ovarian syndrome. Find hope and specialized care for PCOS at Bloom IVF Centre, as our commitment to your reproductive path is matched by individualized therapies and compassionate support.

    Why Is Bloom IVF The Best In PCOS Treatment

    Throughout the course of therapy, Bloom IVF offers kind and encouraging care, addressing the psychological and emotional components of PCOS. The committed team of nurses and fertility specialists ensures patients receive personal care, direction, and counseling at every stage.

    High success rates and a large number of success stories of women who have successfully conceived and delivered healthy kids attest to Bloom IVF’s success in treating PCOS. The facility is the top choice for PCOS therapy due to its cutting-edge amenities, reproductive technology, and skilled medical staff.

    Women suffering from PCOS can receive thorough and effective therapy at Bloom IVF, which offers cutting-edge methods and a welcoming environment. With Bloom IVF, PCOS patients can take steps in the right direction towards hormonal balance, enhanced fertility, and their goal of beginning or having a family.