Egg Freezing

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    Through the use of egg freezing in IVF, women can choose to maintain their fertility by saving eggs for later use. Renowned fertility center Bloom IVF specializes in state-of-the-art reproductive technology, guaranteeing smooth and effective egg freezing in Mumbai. This novel strategy gives women the confidence and flexibility to manage their reproductive wellness and prepare for their future families. People seeking complete reproductive solutions may rely on a committed staff and cutting-edge technology when working with Bloom IVF Centre in Mumbai.

    Egg freezing offers a special chance to maintain your current fertility and improve your alternatives if you decide to have children in the future. The success rates for fertility treatments utilizing frozen eggs are now comparable to those using fresh eggs, thanks to the growing popularity and reliability of egg freezing over the past ten years.

    We at Bloom IVF can help you keep your options open whether you wish to freeze them for medical or non-medical reasons, such as monetary, lifestyle, or relationship considerations.

    Bloom IVF is the greatest option for egg-freezing procedures because of its superior knowledge, cutting-edge lab equipment, and individualized care. At the clinic, the skilled staff of embryologists and fertility specialists, Dr. Nandita Palshetkar& Dr. Rohan Palshetkar, guarantee the best methods for egg freezing and storage. Bloom IVF is a top choice for people thinking about egg freezing because of its high success rates and dedication to patient satisfaction.

    What is Egg Freezing?

    Egg freezing is a ground-breaking method of fertility preservation that enables women to save their eggs for later use. Ovarian stimulation, observation, trigger shots, and surgical egg retrieving are all part of the procedure. After that, these eggs are vitrified and flash-frozen to preserve their viability.

    Egg freezing is especially useful for women who want to put off having children for health or personal considerations. It provides freedom and peace of mind by taking a proactive strategy for family planning. Trusted fertility center Bloom IVF is leading the way in egg freezing in Mumbai, guaranteeing a simple and efficient procedure for women who want to be in charge of their reproduction.

    Why Choose Egg Freezing?

    At Bloom IVF, we offer egg freezing to keep your fertility for use in subsequent treatments. Some women decide to freeze their eggs for medical reasons, such as when they are in danger of developing early menopause or when they have been diagnosed with cancer or another serious illness that is likely to harm their ovaries and may prevent them from generating eggs.

    Other women may choose to preserve their fertility at an ideal moment in their reproductive lives in anticipation of treatment later in life for social reasons (single women or women desiring to defer children due to job reasons). If you want to freeze your eggs for social purposes, it is best to do it when you are younger because egg quality declines with age, especially after age 38.

    Who should consider egg freezing?

    Egg Freezing is a practical solution for a range of people in a variety of situations.

    • First and foremost, women who prioritize their careers and wish to put off having children might gain from maintaining their fertility when following their career objectives.
    • Egg freezing is a way for patients receiving health care like chemotherapy, which can impact fertility, to preserve their reproductive choices.
    • This technique is beneficial for women who are undergoing elective procedures like gender affirmation surgery or health issues that might affect their ability to conceive.
    • Women who wish to have kids of their own in the future however they have not yet met a compatible partner might take proactive measures to maintain their fertility.
    • To prolong the period of fertility, individuals going through personal difficulties such as divorce or the death of a spouse may also decide to freeze their eggs.

    All things considered, egg freezing in Mumbai provides a flexible option for people with various histories and circumstances, enabling them to make knowledgeable decisions on their reproductive path.

    The ideal age to freeze eggs

    The best time to freeze eggs is usually between the ages of twenty and thirty, but personal preference is very important. Early in life, fertility peaks, and it steadily decreases until the late 30s, when it accelerates. Women can maximize the odds of successful freezing and take advantage of their peak fertility by storing eggs in their late 20s or early 30s. However, the choice is influenced by individual circumstances including relationship status, job aspirations, and health concerns.

    Although there isn’t a solution that works for everyone, the best results may be achieved with early preparation. Irrespective of age, Bloom IVF, a renowned fertility clinic, suggests thinking about egg freezing in Mumbai, while a woman is in excellent reproductive shape. It’s critical to speak with fertility specialists to evaluate individual aspects and choose the best time to freeze eggs depending on your unique situation.

    Egg Freezing Procedure At Bloom IVF

    The initial step in the procedure is called ovarian stimulation, in which the ovaries are stimulated to create more eggs by giving them hormones. The best time for the following step is ensured by continuous observation with blood tests and ultrasounds. 

    As the eggs mature, a trigger shot is given to them to prepare for retrieving. A minor surgical procedure is carried out to retrieve the eggs. The mature eggs are extracted from the ovaries through a tiny needle. The next crucial stage in egg freezing in Mumbai, is vitrification, a state-of-the-art flash-freezing method that keeps the eggs intact by preventing the creation of ice crystals. The retrieved eggs are kept in specially designed containers at very low temperatures following vitrification.

    This keeps them viable for a longer amount of time. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the process that occurs when a person chooses to utilize the frozen eggs. The resultant embryos are placed in the uterus after the frozen eggs are fertilized with sperm in a lab.

    Renowned reproductive center Bloom IVF specializes in egg freezing in Mumbai, guaranteeing a smooth experience. Egg freezing gives women the freedom to make decisions about their lives and the opportunity to become biological mothers when the time is appropriate. Through this life-changing process, individuals may make decisions that are well-informed and specific to their situation by speaking with fertility specialists.



    Ovarian Stimulation

    Medicines to stimulate egg production


    Blood tests and ultrasounds to monitor egg development

    Trigger Shot

    Final Hormone shot to mature eggs

    Egg Retrieval

    Surgical retrieval of eggs from ovaries

    Egg Freezing

    Preservation through flash-freezing by vitrification


    Frozen eggs kept in specialized containers for later use

    Why Bloom IVF For Egg Freezing?

    Selecting Bloom IVF for egg freezing in Mumbai guarantees an exceptional experience with state-of-the-art reproductive technologies. Bloom IVF, which is well-known for its knowledge and cutting-edge facilities, places a high value on personalized treatment. The committed staff at the clinic, which includes skilled fertility experts, supports customers throughout the whole egg-freezing procedure. Bloom IVF uses cutting-edge vitrification methods with a dedication to quality for the best possible egg preservation.

    Bloom IVF supports women in maintaining their fertility so they can have children later in life without being concerned about their biological clocks. Prior to any fertilization, your mature eggs (oocytes) are frozen during the egg-freezing procedure. When appropriate, you can thaw your frozen eggs and use your partner’s or a donor’s sperm to fertilize them via an IVF procedure.

    You should be aware that not all eggs will endure the freezing and thawing procedure. At Bloom IVF, we freeze the eggs using a cutting-edge technique called vitrification, which has a survival rate of more than 90%. If you decide to move forward, talk to our specialists, who can go into greater depth during your appointment about the process.

    Bloom IVF offers the most competitive egg-freezing cost in Mumbai. The clinic is a top option for those looking for trustworthy and complete reproductive treatments in Mumbai because of its track record of success, empathy, and a client-focused philosophy.


    • How much does egg freezing in Mumbai cost at Bloom IVF?

    The price of egg freezing at Bloom IVF Centre varies. It’s ideal to arrange a meeting so that you can go over your unique requirements and get a customized price to best suit your requirements.

    • Does insurance cover egg freezing?

    Egg-freezing insurance coverage varies. It is advised to inquire about the scope of reimbursement for fertility-preserving procedures from your insurance company before starting the procedure and getting pre-approval.

    • How long after freezing can eggs be kept safely?

    The viability of eggs frozen at Bloom IVF utilizing cutting-edge vitrification procedures may be preserved for a long time safely. The clinic maintains ideal storage conditions by adhering to industry standards.