Embryo Donation In Mumbai

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    When a couple is unable to conceive utilizing IVF technology and their own egg and sperm, embryo donation is a procedure used. There is an opportunity to use donor embryos when there are issues with female and male factor infertility or when other methods have already failed.

    The recipient’s sperm, the recipient’s egg, or both may have issues in this situation. In certain situations, the couple may adopt an embryo created from a donor egg fertilized by donor sperm that was not connected to either partner to produce embryos prepared for implantation into the woman’s uterus so they can develop as in a typical pregnancy.

    Patients who have finished having children and have frozen embryos in storage occasionally choose to donate their extra embryos for the benefit of others.

    Most people agree that Bloom IVF is the most secure option for donor embryo IVF procedures, and we will discuss with you the best alternatives based on the donor embryo supply. The team of the best embryologists and the finest fertility experts, Dr. Nandita Palshetkar & Dr. Rohan Palshetkar, have vast knowledge and experience in carrying out donor embryo IVF procedures at Bloom IVF.

    Embryo Donation Selection Process At Bloom IVF

    By giving you access to both male and female donor profiles, Bloom IVF can assist you in starting this process by allowing you to choose the donors you believe are the best matches. The non-identifying information of the donor couple can also be shared with you if donated embryos from another couple are decided to be used.

    The names of the donors used by Bloom IVF will not be shared with you, and neither will your name or any other information about your identity be revealed to the donors unless you choose to provide your donors (who may be close friends or relatives).

    Bloom IVF only uses donors who meet strict donor requirements. The clinic follows strict donor screening protocols to ensure the selection of healthy and genetically screened embryos, minimizing the risk of genetic disorders or hereditary conditions.

    This means that donated eggs and sperm are often produced by women between the ages of 18 and 35 and 18 to 41, respectively. Both sperm and egg donors must undergo a battery of medical examinations, including HIV and hepatitis screenings, to guarantee that they won’t infect you or your unborn child with serious illnesses.

    Embryo Donation Treatment Process At Bloom IVF

    Modern laboratory facilities at Bloom IVF adhere to strict quality control procedures to guarantee the highest embryo care, preservation, and transfer standards.

    The sperm will be supplied in preservation (frozen) state once you have chosen your donor. Before merging it with the donor eggs in our lab at the clinic, it will be thawed, cleaned, and ready. The day of the transfer of embryos will see the thawing of any frozen donated embryos that were used.

    During an embryo transfer procedure, similar to a standard IVF cycle in which the embryo is carefully placed back into the woman’s womb, the woman could be required to follow a prescribed drug schedule to get her uterus ready for successful implantation. 

    Bloom IVF offers individualized care and assistance throughout the embryo donation IVF process, providing customized treatment regimens and resolving any worries or inquiries. Couples can have faith in Bloom IVF to help them conceive successfully because of the clinic’s track record of high donor embryo IVF success rates.

    Bloom IVF stands out as the top option for people looking for a safe and efficient donor embryo IVF process, thanks to its emphasis on safety, experience, and individualized care.